Tire component library

MapleSim Tire Library
With the MapleSim Tire Library, engineers can extend their high-fidelity, multi-domain MapleSim vehicle models with high-performance pneumatic tire components. The MapleSim Tire Library provides MapleSim users with industry standard tire force model components such as Fiala, Calspan, and Pacejka’s magic tire formula. In addition, linear tire models and user-defined tire models are available to provide flexibility for investigation and analysis. With the easy-to-use point-and-click MapleSim graphical environment, these fully parameterized force models can be integrated into existing vehicle dynamics models by simply dragging the component into the diagram and connecting it to the vehicle model.
  • Kinematic quantities, such as slip angle, longitudinal slip, and inclination angle are derived automatically and are available to the user. These quantities are used by the various tire force models to determine tire forces and moments.
  • Engineers can control how the tire slip and rolling radius are calculated, and include tire transients through differential equations involving relaxation lengths.
  • The following industry standard tire models are supported: Fiala, Calspan, and Pacejka 2002. For custom research and development applications, user-defined tire models can be easily constructed using an intuitive interface.
Because the MapleSim Tire Library is a fully integrated add-on package to MapleSim, models incorporating these components can take full advantage of MapleSim functionality. As a result:
  • Dynamic and kinematic quantities, such as normal force and slip angle, can be plotted and analyzed easily.
  • Parameter sets can be stored and loaded from files to easily test and analyze different sets of tire properties.
  • Realistic tire motion can be animated by attaching a CAD image to a tire model component.
  • High-performance, high-fidelity vehicle dynamics models can be exported for use in real-time simulations. Models can be exported to C code using built-in code generation tools, and to Simulink™, LabVIEW®, and NI VeriStand™ using MapleSim connector products (available separately).

The MapleSim Tire Library will be of interest to the following users:

  • Engineers in the automotive industry requiring real-time models of vehicle systems
  • University teachers and researchers in vehicle dynamics and stability control

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