Multichannel DAQ

Multichannel DAQ

Nutaq multichannel DAQ solutions are customizable, embedded solutions incorporating tremendous FPGA logic, storage interfaces, high-speed multichannel phased-coherent A/D and D/A I/O that can be stacked together to form a complete n channels turnkey DAQ solution. Nutaq multichannel DAQ both supports Linux or Windows environment  and are capable of remote operation or packed with high permormant blade for embedded operation. Taking advantage of the MicroTCA standard, high speed PCIe link is used to stream data on the backplane, enabling shared processing, high speed storage, high speed record/playback from embedded PC application layer.

Nutaq multichannel DAQ solutions provide the performance and flexibility needed in applications such as medical imaging (PET scanner and ultrasound systems), high energy physics (linear accelerator, synchrotron), defense systems (beamformers, milimeter wave imaging) and radio astronomy.


Nutaq µDigitizer

FPGA-based, multichannel, high-speed DAQ solutions


Nutaq PicoDigitizer 125-Series

Up to 32 channels sampled at 125 MSPS in an FPGA-based table top solution