Single-Board Hardware

Single-Board Hardware

For building a complete real-time control system with just one controller board

Compact and versatile controller boards

For a variety of applications in rapid control prototyping

Real-time processor for fast calculation of models

Variety of I/O components

Application Areas

Controller development and rapid control prototyping are ideal application areas for the DS1103 PPC Controller Board and the DS1104 R&D Controller Board. The DS1104 (PCI bus) can be installed in most standards PCs. The DS1103 (ISA bus) can be installed in an AutoBox or a dSPACE Expansion Box.

Key Benefits

Both boards, the DS1103 as well as the DS1104, combine compactness with high performance and a high number of features. Used with Real-Time Interface (RTI), the controller boards are fully programmable from the Simulink® block diagram environment.

DS1103 PPC Controller Board

Versatile controller board with an unparalleled number of I/O modules (including CAN) and ample calculation power for control prototyping.

DS1104 R&D Controller Board

Cost-effective controller board with a comprehensive set of I/O modules frequently used in control systems.

Connector Panel

With controller boards, all I/O signals can usually be accessed via adapter cables. A more convenient solution is I/O access via connector panels, which make the signals available in either a 19” rack or a 19” desktop box. The panels are tailored to a specific controller board, so that you have all the signals for easy connection to the real world at your disposal.

Demo Equipment

For educational and training purposes, dSPACE also offers demo equipment for single-board hardware. The demo equipment comprises hardware for the simulation of typical mechanical positioning systems and cables for connection to the controller boards.