Demo Hardware and Software 

Hardware and software for demonstrating single-board hardware 

Used for DS1103 PPC Controller Board and DS1104 R&D Controller Board

Simulation of a hard disk's access armIdeally suited to university labs 

Simulation of a 7th-order mechanical actuator (voice-coil-driven flexible positioner, VCFP)

Simulating a Positioning System

Simulating a Positioning System If you want to start controlling right after installing the system, or if you are looking for an inexpensive, ‘impossible-to-break’ way to close the loop in your students’ labs, the VCFP demo is an attractive solution. The model’s dynamics include an integrator, two first-order lag transfer functions, and two resonances at 1.5 and 2 kHz. 

VCFP Demo Equipment

VCFP hardware

MATLAB®/Simulink® demo controller for simulation

Instrumentation panel

Automation scripts