Student Catalog

Student Catalog

Maple & MapleSim
Maple 2019 Student Edition

Students from around the world use Maple to finish assignments and projects faster, while learning more!                  

MapleSim 2019 Student Edition

MapleSim offers a modern approach to physical modeling that lets you build and explore realistic designs in a fraction of the time.

Maple 2019, 12-Month Term
The full power of Maple Student Edition at a special 12-month term price.
Engineering Student Bundle
The ideal solution for engineering students!  Save 15% with this specially priced bundle that includes Maple Student Edition and the Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple e-book.
Calculus Bundle
Save 15% with this specially priced bundle designed to help you excel in Calculus. Includes Maple 2019 together with study guides for Calculus and Precalculus.
Math Survival Bundle
Get two great products to help you excel in your math courses, and save 15%!  The Math Survival Bundle contains Maple 2019 Student Edition and the Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition e-book.

eBooks & Study Guides
The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple 2019 Edition
How to Get an A+ in Math!  With 140 popular topics for university and high school students,  this Maple e-book will help you excel in your math classes.
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple is the definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics.
AEM - Student Manual
The Student Solution Manual is a companion to Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple.

Precalculus Study Guide
An exercise-based electronic version of the introductory chapter in the standard calculus text.
Clickable Calculus Study Guide
This Maple e-book is the perfect companion for students taking their first course in Calculus.

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