Engineering Student Bundle (Download Version)
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Product Description
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple is the definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics, while Maple is the ideal tool for students enrolled in any math, science, or engineering course. Together, they provide you with everything that you will need to excel in your engineering studies!

Maple Student Edition Details
Maple brings the problem-solving power of expert mathematicians to your computer. Hundreds of thousands of students rely on Maple to help them succeed in math. Maple covers virtually every area of mathematics, including calculus, algebra, differential equations, linear systems, statistics, linear algebra, geometry, and transforms. Finish assignments and projects faster, improve your understanding of even the most difficult subjects, and explore on your own.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple – Details
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple is the essential companion for all your mathematics courses, including ODEs, PDEs, Vector Calculus, Matrix Algebra, Complex Variables, Numerical Methods and Calculus of Variations. With its explanations, modifiable examples, and exercises, this interactive book helps you learn and solve problems faster, and it can continue to serve as a reference once the courses are over.

Additional Details:
The Maple Student Edition is licensed for academic work by students currently enrolled at an academic institution on student owned computers.  It is not to be used for commercial activities.  Student eligibility may be verified by Maplesoft. Customers not in compliance will be responsible for the full commercial price of the product.


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