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It's 2 a.m. and you're stuck on a math problem. Here comes The Mathematics Survival Bundle to the rescue! The Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition uses high school course outlines, standard first year university calculus and algebra curricula, and the author's thirty years of teaching experience to cover a list of topics from early high school to university that typically plague students. Like completing the square, factoring cubics, or those annoying log properties. Not only do you get a clear and friendly explanation, this interactive book lets you can try out as many random problems as you like until you are sure you’ve got it right. And after you’ve gotten some sleep, you can continue to use Maple in all your mathematics courses to check your answers, solve difficult problems, improve your understanding, and explore on your own.

How to get an A+ in math?  The Math Survival Bundle will help you on your way!

Maple 2018 Student Edition  - Details
Maple brings the problem-solving power of expert mathematicians to your computer. Hundreds of thousands of students rely on Maple to help them succeed in math. Maple covers virtually every area of mathematics, including calculus, algebra, differential equations, linear systems, statistics, linear algebra, geometry, and transforms. Finish assignments and projects faster, improve your understanding of even the most difficult subjects, and explore on your own.

The Mathematics Survival Kit – Details
The Mathematics Survival Kit is an interactive Maple e-book that covers 115 popular topics that typically plague students. Each topic includes randomly generated practice problems that support free-form entry of responses and provide instant feedback, including hints. Illustrative graphs include dynamically generated plots based on the random problems and the student responses.  Each topic covers a very specific concept, allowing you to learn just the piece you are stuck on, without having to read earlier sections.

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  • With this bundle, save 15% off of the regular prices for both products.
  • Maple 2018 Student Edition is licensed for academic work by students currently enrolled at an academic institution on student owned computers. It is not to be used for commercial activities. Student eligibility may be verified by Maplesoft. Customers not in compliance will be responsible for the full commercial price of the product.

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