DS1103 PPC Controller Board

  Powerful controller board for rapid control prototyping



  DS1104 R&D Controller Board  

 Cost-effective system for controller development


  Panels for Single-Board-Hardware

  Easy access to I/O signals with BNC and Sub-D connectors


 Modular Hardware

 Optimum scalability and flexibility for hardware that fits your project



 MicroAutoBox is a real-time system for performing fast function prototyping in fullpass and bypass scenarios



   Hardware-in-the-loop simulator and simulator-specific hardware for ECU testing



 Generates production code automatically for graphically specified functions straight from MathWorks® MATLAB®/ Simulink®/Stateflow®.


  ControlDesk Next Generation

   is the dSPACE experiment software for seamless ECU development.


  Automation Desk

  Environment for powerful and convenient test automation 



  3-D online animation 



 Automation of experiment control from MATLAB®