Maplesoft Training

Get Productive, Fast!
Our training programs are carefully designed to ensure that you and your colleagues get the most out of Maplesoft products in the shortest possible time. All our instructors are highly skilled in the use of our products, having been deeply involved in many engineering projects across a wide range of applications. Our instructors will help you to bring your skill level from novice to highly productive in a matter of days, guiding you through best practices and helping you avoid pitfalls.
The core Maple™ and MapleSim™ training course are a two day each program. The course can then be extended to cover more advanced topics, and further extended to allow you to complete your first application with the help of your instructor.

Maple Training 
 Day 1: The Basics
 Day 2: Intermediate Techniques
 Day 3: Advanced and Specialized Topics (Optional)
 Day 4 and Beyond: Building your Own Application (Optional)
MapleSim Training 
 Day 1: The Basics: Getting Started with MapleSim and Maple    
 Day 2: Advanced Modeling Techniques    
 Day 3: Analysis of MapleSim Models in Maple    
 Day 4 and Beyond: Developing Your Own Application    


Custom Content

This course is structured to allow any attendee with little or no prior knowledge of Maple to fully understand the basics of the product before getting into more advanced materials. If you have different requirements, we can work with you to address your needs. Please contact your Maplesoft representative to discuss your requirements further.

On-line Training

On-line training is also available. Please read more about our on-line training program here 

On-Site Training

On-Site Training is also available. Please read more about our on-Site training program here

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