Real-Time Testing

Real-time hardware can be accessed via an interpreter running on the processor board. Since the interpreter is executed at the same rate as the real-time application, it can be used to perform real-time tests. This training course provides an introduction to programming real-time tests based on the Python programming language. Course participants will discuss standard applications and implement them in practical examples.


  • Engineers familiar with Python programming and real-time applications


  • Use Python to describe real-time tests
  • Learn the workflow for real-time testing
  • Understand the structure of real-time tests
  • Create standard implementations and their temporal behavior

Tools and Systems

  • ControlDesk®
  • AutomationDesk®
  • Real-time hardware

Course Contents

  • The necessity of real-time tests
  • Workflow of real-time testing (from script to executable real-time test, test management)
  • Introduction to special Python programming elements for real-time testing
  • Structure of real-time tests (initialization phase, time-synchronous execution)
  • Accessing model variables from real-time tests
  • Test modularization
  • Relation between Python scripts on the PC and on the real-time platform
  • Libraries for test automation by real-time testing (e.g., for variable access, mapping test parallelity, and data exchange between independent tests)
  • Implementing standard test scenarios

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