On-line Training

Training is delivered live using WebEx® technology, which permits meaningful interaction with the instructor throughout the course.

Application Development Support Service Harness the knowledge and experience of our Application Engineers to help you complete your Maple project even faster! An Application Development Support contract provides you with full access to a wide range of modeling experts who can provide answers and advice quickly to help keep your projects moving. They can even work directly with you over a WebEx session, so you can test out ideas instantly, together.


Maple Training 
 Day 1: The Basics
 Day 2: Intermediate Techniques
 Day 3: Advanced and Specialized Topics (Optional)
 Day 4 and Beyond: Building your Own Application (Optional)
MapleSim Training 
 Day 1: The Basics: Getting Started with MapleSim and Maple    
 Day 2: Advanced Modeling Techniques    
 Day 3: Analysis of MapleSim Models in Maple    
 Day 4 and Beyond: Developing Your Own Application
  For information about training programs for other Maplesoft products, or to schedule an on-site training course at your facility, please ASES at info@ases.co