RapidPro Hardware

RapidPro Hardware

Flexible hardware for rapid control prototyping

RapidPro is a very compact, robust and modular hardware that extends dSPACE RCP systems

with configurable automotive signal conditioning and power stages. 

  • Scalable, modular and configurable system architecture
  • Compact and robust enclosure for in-vehicle, laboratory and test bench use
  • Software- and hardware-configurable off-the-shelf modules for signal conditioning and power stages


At a Glance

Signal Conditioning and Power Stages

The wide variety of sensors and actuators used in the automotive field, especially during the prototyping phase, means that each sensor or actuator often requires its own signal conditioning and power stage circuits. The flexibility and intelligent assistance provided by RapidPro will help you achieve challenging tasks for signal conditioning and power stages with high efficiency.

For details, see Use Scenario A.


Intelligent I/O Subsystems

The functions being developed and integrated into cars are growing in complexity and volume. The acquisition and generation of I/O signals is also growing in complexity, for example, in engine management applications. Moreover, sophisticated algorithms usually need to be processed in a minimum of time. All these demanding tasks need to be performed within a standard prototyping environment with intelligent tools for assistance. With RapidPro you can build an intelligent I/O subsystem based on an MPC565 microcontroller.
For details, see Use Scenario B.

Key Benefits

The RapidPro hardware works as an extension to dSPACE prototyping systems. It is based on three different units: the RapidPro SC Unit, the RapidPro Power Unit, and the RapidPro Control Unit. They fulfil different tasks, such as signal conditioning (SC Unit), signal amplification (Power Unit) and providing advanced I/O functionality (Control Unit). All of these units can be used separately or connected to a stack, as one physical unit.

Off-the-shelf hardware- and software-configurable signal conditioning (SC) and power stage (PS) modules can be installed in the RapidPro units to set up individual systems that optimally fit the needs of a particular application. This saves space and money. Furthermore, components can be reused, reconfigured, or extended with a minimum of effort, for example, in later projects or if requirements change. Because of its robust and compact design, it is ideal for in-vehicle applications.