DS1006 Processor Kit


Computing power for complex real-time models


The DS1006 Processor Board is dSPACE’s flagship for high-end real-time applications. The DS1006 is designed for calculating complex, precisely detailed simulation models that require enormous computing power. The processing power and I/O capacity can be boosted even further by linking up to 20 DS1006 Processor Boards in a multiprocessor system.

Modular Hardware Boards
At A Glance

Application Areas

The DS1006 Processor Board is one of the processor boards that form the heart of dSPACE’s PHS hardware. It is our flagship for very complex, large, computation-intensive models – like the ones found in powertrain and virtual vehicle simulations. In such simulations, the DS1006 provides the computing power for the real-time system and also functions as an interface to the I/O boards and the host PC. It can be directly connected to all dSPACE I/O boards via PHS bus.

    Key Benefits

    The DS1006 Processor Board is based on a quad-core AMD Opteron™ x86 processor with 2.8 GHz clock frequency. Thus, it always delivers a high level of processing power, even for large-scale real-time applications. If required, you can add an Ethernet I/O interface for Gigabit data streaming or a flash memory for automatic, host-independent booting of the real-time applications.


    Multicore Processor for More Computing Power

     You can set up a multiprocessor system by using the individual cores of the multicore processor, and assign the I/O boards easily by graphical programming via RTI-MP. With the possibility for parallel computing and a high performance data exchange between the cores, the DS1006 multicore board speeds up all your applications.


     Multiprocessor Setup

    If you need even more performance, you can build a multiprocessor system by connecting several DS1006 boards via an additional optical interface. Synchronization between the boards is guaranteed, since interrupts can be sent to other processor boards via hardware, with minimal latencies.

    Technical Details
    Parameter Specification
    Processor Quad-core AMD Opteron™ processor, 2.8 GHz
    4 x 64 kB L1 data cache, 4 x 64 kB L1 instruction cache, 4 x 512 kB L2 cache, 6 MB L3 cache
    Memory 1 GB DDR2-800 SDRAM local memory for the application and dynamic application data
    4 x 128 MB DDR2-267 SDRAM global memory for host data exchange
    2 MB onboard boot flash memory for boot firmware
    Application flash memory on compact flash card (accessible via ControlDesk). The capacity depends on the card.
    Timer For each core: 3 general-purpose timers
    Synchronous time base unit (STBU) for multiprocessor systems
    Interrupt controller For each core: one interrupt controller with 18 different interrupt sources
    The interrupt sources of the connected I/O boards can be handled from each core via internal Gigalinks.
    Interfaces Serial interface RS232 interface with standard UART allowing transfer rates of up to 115.2 Kbaud
      Connection to I/O boards PHS++-bus interface
    32-bit I/O bus for modular I/O configuration
    Peak transfer rate 20 MB/s, up to 30 MB/s for new I/O boards
    Up to 64 PHS-bus interrupts
    Host interface One full-size 16-bit ISA slot required
    Interface via eight 16-bit I/O ports (ISA bus)
    Multiprocessor system Building multiprocessor systems with further DS1006 Processor Boards
    Up to 20 DS1006 Processor Boards
    Up to 4 high-speed links via one DS911 Gigalink Module on each DS1006
    Possible cable length of up to 100 m
    Physical characteristics Physical size 340 x 125 x 15 mm (13.4 x 4.9 x 0.6 in)
      Ambient temperature 0 … 40 °C (32 … 104 °F)
      Cooling Active cooling (fan)
      Power supply ISA bus:
    +5 V ±5%, 2.0 A (without DS911)
    +5 V ±5%, 3.0 A (with DS911 as of module revision 2.0)
    +12 V ±5%, 1.5 A
    CPU power connector: +5 V ±5%, 20 A

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