TargetLink Basic

This basic training course covers all the steps of code generation for production ECUs with TargetLink. TargetLink generates productionquality C code for fixed-point and floating-point controllers directly from Simulink®/Stateflow® models. The entire work process of transforming a Simulink/Stateflow diagram into an ECU executable is shown, as well as code integration details and TargetLink configuration options.

    • Control strategy engineers, systems engineers, function and software developers
    • Recommended: Experience with ANSI-C programming, especially for production ECUs
    • Required: Experience with MATLAB® and Simulink
    • Get an overview of TargetLink
    • Transfer a Simulink subsystem to a target ECU
    • Understand code generation options
    • Customize TargetLink to your company environment
    Tools and Systems
    • TargetLink Base Suite with simulation module
    Course Content
    • TargetLink blockset
    • Scaling a model
    • Implementation options
    • Code generation
    • Code integration issues
    • Simulation and code verification
    • Document generation

    20% Discount for Universities

    When booked in combination with ‘TargetLink Advanced’, the overall fee per person is discounted

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