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Mobius Project

What is Maple?

Maple combines the world’s most powerful math engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems.

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What’s New in Maple 2019

Maple Features Overview

Maple Webinars

Product information, training, industry & academic applications, and more! Take advantage of our live and recorded webinars conducted by Maple experts.

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Create, Share & Learn with the User Community



Visit the world’s largest community of Maple users. Questions, posts, help, musings, answers, and more.



Share your Maple documents with colleagues and students through the MapleCloud.

Application Gallery

Maple Application Gallery

A curated collection of downloadable Maple applications from a diverse range of engineering and scientific disciplines.

Application Gallery

The Application Center

Download over 2,000 Maple documents contributed by users, covering an extensive range of topics & disciplines

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 The Maple Reporter

The Maple Reporter

This newsletter offers a comprehensive summary of news and resources written especially for the Maplesoft user community.

 Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Learn about Maplesoft events, workshops, seminars and webinars as they are announced, including webinars offered in cooperation with the SAE and the IEEE.

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