ControlDesk Basic

Book a 1-day training course to learn the basics of using ControlDesk. Gain experience in handling ControlDesk projects and practice data acquisition with ControlDesk.

    • Engineers new to ControlDesk
    • Engineers who want to switch from ControlDesk 3.x to ControlDesk 4.x and higher
    • Set up systems with ControlDesk
    • Manage projects and experiments
    • Build and use virtual instrument panels
    • Apply basic features of data acquisition
    Tools and Systems
    • Control Desk
    Course Content
    • Introduction to ControlDesk
    • ControlDesk platform management
    • ControlDesk project and experiment management
    • ControlDesk instrumentation
    • Basics on measurement and recording

    20% Discount for Universities

    When booked in combination with ‘ControlDesk Advanced’, the overall fee per person is discounted

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