Let Your Calculations Flow

Maple Flow combines together a simple, freeform interface and a math engine.

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Design Calculations & Technical Communication

Work on and document your calculations in a freeform interface that feels like you’re using paper.

Reduce development time
Reduce development time

Math and Documentation

Do calculations, write documentation and easily refine your work in an environment that does not feel like a programming tool or a spreadsheet.

  • Focus on your work, not the tool
    • Place math, text, images, or plots wherever you wish, and reposition your work with the mouse or keyboard – Maple Flow keeps everything organized behind the scenes.
  • Tools across the entire spectrum of math, science and engineering
    • Maple Flow contains all the powerful features that technical professionals expect in a calculation tool, with fast solvers, built-in units tracking, flexible plots, and more.

What Maple Flow Means for You

  • Get Started Earlier
    • You don’t need a grand plan or clear idea of your approach before using Maple Flow. Reorganize your math and ideas as you go, just like brainstorming on a whiteboard.
  • Refine Your Work Easily
    • With Maple Flow, refinement is encouraged. As your ideas and solutions take shape, you can progressively add text, images, plots, and more – gradually creating a polished, professional technical document.

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Mathematically Live Paper

Place math, text, plots, and images anywhere on your workspace. Easily move elements into position or reorganize them.

Position Determines Evaluation Order

Maple Flow reads and evaluates math from left to right and top to bottom.

Automatic Recalculation

Any changes you make to math are automatically cascade throughout the entire document, so results are always up to date.

Attractive, Engaging Documents

Maple Flow gives you a clean, uncluttered workspace that allows you to communicate your ideas clearly.

Based on the Maple Programming Language

You can use nearly all of Maple’s packages, including a full-featured units system.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Maple Flow is the most advanced sheet of “paper” you’ll need to work on calculations. With a low learning curve, you can easily create new documents, debug your work, and lean on a comprehensive set of built-in application examples.

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