Advanced System-Level Modeling

From digital twins for virtual commissioning to system-level models for complex engineering design projects, MapleSim is an advanced modeling tool that helps you reduce development risk, lower costs, and enable innovation.

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 Key Benefits of MapleSim

Reduce development time
Reduce development time
Reduce development time

Rapid creation and testing of initial concepts

By enabling quick prototyping and testing of design concepts, MapleSim allows you to try out more ideas in less time, getting you on track quickly and energizing the creative design process.

Natural environment for modeling multidomain systems

With MapleSim, you model your entire system inside a single environment, so you can track down design flaws arising from unexpected interactions between different domains, and even prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.

Computationally efficient models

MapleSim produces high fidelity, computationally efficient models suitable for in-the-loop simulations, controller design, and activities such as optimization, sensitivity analysis, and parameter sweeps, where many simulations are required to get results.

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Virtual Commissioning

See how the people, processes, and technologies associated with virtual commissioning affect manufacturing decisions.

MapleSim helps you capturedeepenpreserve, and leverage your engineering knowledge so you can make your system-level modeling projects a success.

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Key Features

MapleSim features an intuitive modeling environment, powerful analysis tools, equation-based custom components, and much more!



Modelica is an open standard for describing physical models and components. MapleSim is a powerful Modelica platform that enables a level of understanding, power and extensibility that is not possible with “black-box” tools. 

Maplesim Modelica engine

The MapleSim Modelica Engine can be licensed as an OEM product for inclusion in your own applications and products.


connectors and toolboxes

A wide variety of add-ons are available that enable you to connect to third-party products, utilize specialized components, and more.


New Features

The latest release provides new and improved model development and analysis tools, expands your modeling scope, introduces new deployment options, and strengthens toolchain connectivity.


Virtual commissioning

MapleSim puts the benefits of virtual commissioning within reach even for smaller automation companies!



Discover how engineers and researchers are using MapleSim to rapidly accelerate their design projects.





MapleSim Model Gallery

The MapleSim Model Gallery contains hundreds of MapleSim Models across a wide variety of industries and engineering domains.

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 Professional Whitepapers & User Stories

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Model-Driven Innovation:
Machine Design

Byrun, the Walking, Jumping, Hopping Robot, Built Using MapleSim

Video Case Study: The Apollo Lunar Module Digital Autopilot Project Had MapleSim Been Available

Video Case Study:
How MapleSim was Used as Part of a Toyota / NSERC / Maplesoft Project

MapleSim Breaks New Ground in Hardware-in-the-Loop Real-Time Simulation for Planetary Rovers
Using Digital Twins for Fast, Low-Risk Virtual Commissioning

Game-Changing Hockey Sticks with Help from MapleSim

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions

Reduce Development Risk. Create Better Products. Get to Market Faster

Maplesoft products and services help engineers meet their project requirements quickly and effectively.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions include a mix of products and services, tailor-made to fit your requirements.

User Case Studies

Engineers from around the world use MapleSim to successfully meet the challenges of complex
engineering projects.


the walking, jumping, hopping robot, built using MapleSim models

What would it have meant for the Apollo Lunar Module Digital Autopilot project had MapleSim been available


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