The course covers the use of dSPACE platforms as well as a wide variety of tools to access the Failure Insertion Unit, calibration and diagnostic tools and MATLAB®.

It shows you how to work with custom libraries filled with self-defined generic test steps, test sequences and complete tests, and gives you hands-on experiences of the Test Framework Library with lots of internal functions for reporting, test evaluation and handling exceptions inside each test.


  • Engineers interested in increasing the productivity of their test environments by means of automation
  • Recommended: Experience with ControlDesk® Next Generation (ControlDesk 4.0)


  • Set up automatic tests efficiently
  • Develop reusable tests based on library blocks
  • Develop tests efficiently using debugging and offline execution
  • Generate meaningful test reports
  • Capture and manipulate real-time signals
  • Perform automatic signal evaluation and post-processing
  • Access third-party hardware and software via AutomationDesk libraries
  • Structure tests with the AutomationDesk Test Framework

Tools and Systems

  • AutomationDesk
  • ControlDesk Next Generation (ControlDesk 4.0)

Course Contents

  • Running tests and generating test reports
  • Structuring test projects
  • Test description using custom library blocks
  • Graphical test development
  • Introduction to AutomationDesk’s predefined test steps
  • Access to real-time parameters
  • Introduction to AutomationDesk libraries for accessing external devices
  • Using signal stimulation in test automation
  • Structure of generic test blocks
  • AutomationDesk Test Framework
  • Introduction to AutomationDesk’s application interface
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