ASM Vehicle Dynamics Basic

The ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package is an open Simulink® model for real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics behavior in a variety of environments. The model is typically used on dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop systems for testing electronic control units (ECUs) or during the design phase of controller algorithms for early validation using offline simulation. The complete and independent model supports all relevant phases of the model-based development process.

All Simulink blocks in the model are visible, so it is easy to add or replace components with custom models to adapt the vehicle’s properties perfectly to individual projects. Roads and driving maneuvers can be created easily and intuitively using graphical tools with preview and clear visualization. You will learn about the concept and the structure of the ASM Vehicle Dynamics Model.

The course will also cover the options for parameterizing the vehicle as well as the road generator and maneuver editor.

  • Engineers in charge of the HIL testing of ECUs for vehicle dynamics
  • Engineers who validate controller algorithm designs by doing offline simulation
  • Required: Previous experience with MATLAB® and Simulink®
  • Get an overview of the ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package
  • Use the ASM Vehicle Dynamics model offline and on a dSPACE platform
  • Use ModelDesk for model parameterization and road and maneuver creation
  • Parameterize the model
  • Visualize and measure signals in ModelDesk
Tools and Systems
  • ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package including ModelDesk and MotionDesk
  • MATLAB/Simulink
Course Content
  • Introduction to the ASM Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Package
  • Using the model for offline simulation
  • Using the model for online simulation with dSPACE processing hardware or VEOS
  • Generating roads and maneuvers using ModelDesk
  • Basics on parameterizing the model using ModelDesk
  • Basics on working with MotionDesk to animate the vehicle and its environment

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