ControlDesk Advanced

This course covers the advanced steps in ControlDesk. It is ideal for acquiring all-around information about ControlDesk’s advanced features, such as ControlDesk Signal Editor or the Bus Navigator.

    • Engineers interested in increasing their knowledge of ControlDesk‘s advanced features
    • Learn about the advanced measurement concept
    • Automate ControlDesk
    • Use ControlDesk Bus Navigator
    • Use ControlDesk Signal Editor
    Tools and Systems
    • ControlDesk
    • Bus Navigator
    • Signal Editor
    Course Content
    • Data set handling
    • Bus Navigator
    • Advanced measurement and recording
    • Signal Editor
    • Introduction to ControlDesk Automation and Event Handling

    20% Discount for Universities

    When booked in combination with ‘ControlDesk Basic’, the overall fee per person is discounted

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