dSPACE Real-Time Systems

This 2-day training course introduces you to the main features of dSPACE prototyping systems and dSPACE Simulator single-processor systems.

  • Engineers working with rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing
  • Engineers who are new to dSPACE or who plan to purchase dSPACE prototyping systems or simulators in the near future
  • Recommended: Experience with MATLAB® and Simulink®
Tools and Systems
  • dSPACE single-processor hardware
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • Real-Time Interface
  • ControlDesk Next Generation (ControlDesk 4.0)
  • Set up dSPACE real-time hardware and corresponding software
  • Implement I/O in Simulink
  • Build real-time code with Real-Time Interface
  • Change parameters and capture data with ControlDesk®
  • Learn advanced features
Course Content

1st Day – Basics

  • Software/hardware setup
  • Introduction to ControlDesk Next Generation
  • ControlDesk platform management
  • Introduction to Real-Time Interface
  • I/O implementation with Real-Time Interface
  • ControlDesk project and experiment management
  • ControlDesk instrumentation

2nd Day – Advanced Features

  • ControlDesk basic data acquisition
  • ControlDesk Table Editor and Data Set Management
  • Multitasking and interrupt handling
  • Programming S-functions

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