MapleSim Advanced Modueling

Day 3: Analysis of MapleSim Models in Maple

Introduction to Maple User Interface

  • Equation entry and editing
  • Essential symbolic manipulation and solving
  • Maple commands and programming
  • Document layout and application building tools

The Maple/MapleSim Interface

  • MapleSim component
  • API Commands
  • Equation extraction in detai
  • Data transfer

Running MapleSim Simulations in Maple

  • Compiling MapleSim models
  • Parallel computation for multiple simulations<b< li=””> </b<>

Analysis Examples

  • Linear systems analysis/Control Design
  • Frequency analysis
  • Parameter sweeps/Monte Carlo
  • Parameter optimizationr

Day 4 and Beyond: Building Your Own Application (Optional)

This is your opportunity to use the knowledge from days 1, 2 and 3 to develop a MapleSim model that is specific to your own needs. It is strongly recommended that you include at least one day of application building in your training to make the course as relevant as possible to the work that you do.

Your instructor will work with you on planning and building a suitable proof-ofconcept model that will provide a good starting point for further development after the course is over. To ensure the success of this session, it is important that you provide a description of what you would like to achieve, in advance. Your instructor can help you determine how many days of training will be required to meet your goals or what would be achievable in the time you have available..

In advance of the session, you will need to provide.

  • Description of system you would like to model
    (diagrams/schematics would be useful)
  • Likely domains that will be required in the model (electrical,
    mechanical, hydraulics, thermal, etc.)
  • LType of application it is likely to be used for (control design,
    HIL, detailed analysis, etc.)
  • LWhat analysis (if any) you would like to perform on the model
  • LSpecific areas of focus and priorities
  • LWhat you would consider to be a successful outcome for this

We request that you communicate the agreed-upon scope and
goals of this session to all attendees, so everyone has the same

Please contact ASES for more information at