Advanced System-Level Modeling

Day 1: The Basics

Getting Started with MapleSim

  • Principles of acausal model development
  • MapleSim user interface
  • A first model (driveline with flexible linkages)
  • Model parameters (including editor, scoping)
  • Managing components (including user libraries)
  • Managing results (plotting, saving, exporting)

Maple Basics

  • Equation extraction
  • Analysis templates
  • Custom components

Incorporating Non-linear Models

  • Non-linear functions
  • Piecewise functions
  • Look-up tables

Model Code Generation

  • Model preparation
  • Generic automated code generation
  • Code generation for specific targets


    NI LabVIEW™



Day 2: Advanced Modeling Techniques

Focus on Specific Domains

MapleSim supports many different domains. On this day, we
will focus on the domains most relevant to you. Attendees can
choose up to four domains from the list below for in-depth
attention. Domain choices must be communicated to the
instructor in advance of the session.

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • 3-D Multibody Mechanical (Note: Due to volume of content,
    this domain counts as 2 choices)
  • Hydraulics
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Thermal/Heat-Transfer
  • Tire models
  • Driveline/Transmission Models
  • Battery models
  • Power Electronics
  • Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles

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