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Integrating automotive sensors and actuators is a key task in rapid control prototyping performed for electronic control unit functions. dSPACE’s RapidPro hardware provides unprecedented flexibility in adapting sensor and actuator signals to prototyping platforms (dSPACE MicroAutoBox/AutoBox). The RapidPro training gives you a step-by-step introduction to using the RapidPro software and hardware together with a dSPACE prototyping system. You will learn how to configure the RapidPro system with the ConfigurationDesk® configuration software and to implement the required I/O with the RapidPro Control Unit Blockset if you work with a RapidPro Control Unit.

If you are not familiar with the dSPACE prototyping systems or with the ControlDesk and Real-Time Interface software, it is recommended to request this course in combination with the dSPACE Real-Time Systems course.


  • Engineers working with rapid control prototyping
  • Engineers who want to use the dSPACE prototyping systems and the RapidPro hardware and software
  • Necessary: Experience with MATLAB® and Simulink®, as well as ControlDesk and Real-Time Interface.


  • Set up RapidPro signal conditioning and power stages
  • Configure the RapidPro Units with ConfigurationDesk
  • Learn about the structure and features of the RapidPro system
  • Implement the I/O of a RapidPro Control Unit with the corresponding Real-Time Interface

Tools and Systems

  • dSPACE prototyping systems
  • Real-Time Interface
  • ControlDesk Next Generation
  • RTI RPCU Blockset
  • ConfigurationDesk
  • MATLAB/Simulink

Course Contents

  • Introduction to the RapidPro hardware
  • Introduction to ConfigurationDesk
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of a RapidPro System)
  • Introduction to the RapidPro RTI blocksets)

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